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Of extraordinary character of the Queretana History, loved by some hated by others, so was Jesus Arriaga character alias "Chucho El Roto". Jesus Arriaga, was born in Santa Ana Chiautempan in the state of Tlaxcala (Mexico) in 1858. He became wily bandit and excellent swindler when not finding another way to avenge a millionaire who sent him to prison. They claim that he’s captivity was due to the revenge of Don Diego Frizac, a millionaire of French origin, uncle of a graceful young noble woman who fell in love with Jesus, who was then a poor and honest carpenter. Matilde of Frizac and he procreated a beautiful girl whom they named Maria de los Dolores (Lolita). Upon discovery of the fact, Jesus was humiliated and threatened by the relatives of the girl, and finally rejected her, fearing his uncle. Then Chucho decided to steal his daughter, and this was the reason for imprisoning, first in the penitentiary of Mexico City (prison called Los Arcos de Belen), where he was finally moved to San Juan de Ulua, one of the most feared prisons of Porfirio Diaz era.
He was known by the nickname "Chucho el Roto" because to carry out their scams he used to dress with extreme elegance, the style of the wealthy of those times, called broken or “Roto” (Elegant or catrines). His wife Matilda, daughter Lolita, and his friends "La Changa", "The Rorro" and "Lebrija" witnessed the intelligent heists "Chucho el Roto" who with great philanthropy divided the spoils of their misdeeds among the most in need. And dying, "Chucho el Roto" mumbled lolita: "My daughter, my soul ... is good, be charitable, be honest as I've been ... I fought for the disinherited of fortune ... I was humble and ... I wanted your not to be ... but now regret it: be humble, be good, have compassion for those who suffer ... "as for the remains of Jesus Arriaga, report that when they opened the coffin that was full of stones, so it could not be know more about him. To date it is not known where they buried Jesus Arriaga "Chucho el Roto", some say that in Mexico, others in Veracruz, if you know where he was buried, the Mexican people will appreciate it ...
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